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About Us


Snackland is a private and locally owned family operated home delivery service offering top quality office and residential snack and convenience products throughout Toronto and the GTA.

Snackland began in Toronto in 2007 after spending 25 + years in the food and catering industry and realized that many offices had an urgent demand for those little convenience items such as paper plates or bottled water for important clients during meetings etc…  

We had many requests to bring coffee and paper plates to our catered events and realized an opportunity to keep our clients happy and fully stocked for not only our catered events, but also their own.

Since then our vision has grown to encompass coffee, snacks and drinks delivered to local homes and businesses in Toronto and the GTA area.

Home and office deliveries can be ordered via the company's easy-to-use Web site.  The site features some of  the finest healthy snacks, juice and drinks as well as coffee, tea, and hot drink solutions. We also offer milk, coffee whiteners, paper plates, styrofoam cups and plastic utensils. These items and many others quickly became very convenient and popular items.  Other convenience items are added from time to time based on client requests.  

Snackland also offers a wide variety of Coffee and Vending Services for additional conveniences.

The convenience of home and office delivery can save the average Torontonian and GTA shopper many hours a week in time wasted sitting in traffic, fighting for parking, enduring long check-out lines and carrying heavy bags to and from the car.

Snackland is committed to providing an efficient and pleasurable experience in all of our services including having properly stocked office coffee and convenience items.  Vending machines and coffee solutions are visited as often as required to provide a freshly stocked experience.  Our drivers are friendly, well trained, and professional.

Please feel free to tell us about your experience with our company, we are very interested in hearing any and all comments about our services.